170×170 day 52 21.6.15

52 21.6.15 170x170


Some things that life taught me:


Love- never let this feeling die inside you, no matter how poisonous your surroundings are,  never, ever allow it to kill, numb this feeling inside you.

It is easy to say, hard to do, right? I know what you are talking about, been there, done that, there was a phase of time in my life when this feeling almost died in my heart, and believe me that was the worst phase of my life, later, I have seen worse scenarios in my life but by then love was back in my heart and that really helped me into staying happy. Now by love I don’t mean the romantic love, I never mean that, romantic love is just one channel of love, love is far far more vast than that, it has many beautiful forms, love can be for your mother, family, career, nature, whole universe, God… anything and everything.

My experience say the wider we spread our field of “loved ones/things” the better it is for ourselves.

Always always love!


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