Thursday 7W in Bengali 18.6.15

SSB 8.6 thursday 7w in bengali logo

If you want to read more of my Bengal writings please check out my Bengali blog and make me happy πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Thursday 7W in Bengali 18.6.15

    • Thanks a lot, amaar bangla lekhao bhayankar tabe cheshta korchhi, bachharkhanek antata lagbe, shesh bangla likhechhi college notes e… creative kichhu lekhar konodin sahas hoyni πŸ™‚

      • aww chesta chaliye jao I really liked that creative piece…ami only elementary school e olpo shikhechi and whatever baba taught me …baba writes a lot of bengali kobita and stories…

      • amar thakurdar ekta boi aachhe, ami otar kobitagulo porechhilam aar bhalo legechhilo but gadhar moto ami otar ekta copy niye aste bhule giyechhi, my family is now my ex family so no going back to get one, but he was really good, even though tagore’s touch was very strong still… I think we can forgive that in Bengali poets, we live and breathe tagore!

        amar baba daktarite byasto hoye jabar aage kichhu galpo likhechhilen nijer jonyei khoobsambhav, diaryta khoonje ber korte hobe πŸ™‚ he was not very bad! tobe galpogulo incomplete, ek doo chapter kore ache.

        thanks for liking them, cheshtai sob, amar gorar diker English kobitagulo ooh la la chhilo!

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