170×170 day 21 21.5.15

Five year old wanted to become an engine driver,

She dreamt of standing behind the wheels

Watching the mountains and hills passing by

Sleepy little villages and busy towns falling behind

She imagined it was all just joy and fun

Travelling across the world as a part of the job.

Fifteen years old wanted to become a pilot

Soaring in the seventh sky, playing with clouds

Watching the earth below like a chessboard laid.

Then came the realization that some things

Are not easy to get in old-fashioned world,

Yeah you can get them but you will have to fight hard,

In the end you may have to sacrifice too much,

Dreams became harmless like becoming a doctor,

Or maybe a high ranking officer

Who will live a cool life, will live by her own rules,

Have enough for herself, a little for others too,

A pet , a house and maybe a car too.

She will travel of-course but during the leaves,

Fly and travel as per life’s permission.





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