170×170 day 16 16.5.15

16 16.5.15

Sun has been roasting them all day. The basket full of soil and stacks of bricks, from one end of the kiln to the other was how their days passed, every single day, starting from seven in the morning to five in the evening. There was two hours break in the noon, because the sun was really ferocious during those hours, the supervisor had to let them go!


Murmu picked up the madal, softly his palms played on it… drim… drim… drim


One by one the santhals gathered, the full moon was a few days away, but who cares? The girls picked up the flowers of Krishnachura and Palash, pinned them in their hair.


They made their circle around murmur, arms around the waist of girls on both side.


The aroma of Mahua was making the air heavy, the glasses were being exchanged, after the monstrous toil of the day now it was time to forget everything and dance!


An hour later the moon winked at them sleeping on ground!





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