170×170 day 12 12.5.15

12 12.5.15


Tick tock tick tock…


The steady rhythm of the clock was soothing, she looked at it, fourteen years! It has passed fourteen years with her, travelled all across the world, now settled in her small flat, its ticking reminded her through changes there are things that stay steady.


Nothing changes them!


Like time, that will pass in its rhythm, no matter what happens, it won’t change, it won’t stop, it will move only in one direction, forward, in the same speed!


It was beating in rhythm with her heart, just another fourteen years older than it. It too ran smoothly without a hiccup, but was unpredictable, not at all like time, any day, anytime it may stop ticking like the clock, and then it may never tick again!


She pulled the extra pillow to her bosom and hugged it, time to sleep! Philosophy is really bad idea at bedtime, it ruins the sleep, crowds the mind with all sort of silly thoughts and results in a sleepy day at work!






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