170×170 day 7 7.5.15

She was lying on the roof, reading a book. The sweet winter sun was warming up her body like nature’s sweet massage.


The loud scream of the jet engine almost made her jump out of her skin, the fighter jet dipped real low before zipping away in distant horizon. It became a daily affair.


“You fly fighter jets.” She asked her husband innocently. A year has passed she was married to an air force officer.


“Why?” he asked smiling.


“Nothing…” she said.


“Tell me!” he smiled and pulled her close. “Or else…”


“Last year, a fighter jet used to fly real low above our house, I sometimes used to be afraid that he will crash!”


“Well, he did not…” he smiled.


“How did you know?” she asked.


He grinned wickedly and looked at her.


“It was you?” she asked incredulously.


“I was saving leaves for our honeymoon, so there was no chance of seeing you, meeting you so … you know na darling! Necessity is mother of invention… that proverb?”




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