170×170 day 6 6.5.15


She opened the door, almost stepped on it. A single carnation, red!


She picked it up and inhaled its fragrance, she has always loved carnations, their colours are so pretty, the fantastic fragrance is bonus!


She looked around, there was no one in sight, morning was slowly making its presence known. A milkman passed by ringing his bicycle bell at the morning air.

She went back inside, placed the flower in a vase and came back to start her morning walk before the town woke up fully and boisterously.

He looked at her she did not noticed him, why will she, to her that gesture was nothing, to him divine kindness, he still remembers that morning vividly, as if it was just yesterday.


He could not make it back to his village home the previous night, his body was burning with fever, he was lying on this very bench shivering when someone covered his body with a warm shawl. It was her, she simply resumed her walk after covering him.





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