170×170 day 5 5.5.15

“There was a time when I really wanted to have a family with you, loving your kids as my own was not a problem for me, never was and never will be.” Roshni said, “But being the suitable boy you were busy looking for perfect bride. I can’t blame you for that!”

“We all have our dreams, desires when it comes to marrying, loving, after all, I won’t marry someone who has been selected by someone else for me, I will marry him only if I think I will be able to love him.” She said.

“You took so long to decide what you want, now I am too old to have a child of my own, and with that age gone I have lost interest in kids, they feel like burden now. Maybe, maternal instinct dies with the power to give birth to own kids!”

“You can still go out and look for a bride, after all you are rich and its India!” She smiled and patted his arm.




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