170×170 day 2 2.5.15

2 2.5.15


When they met she was lonely after break-up with her almost fiancé, she blamed over possessive future mom in law. He was married and bored, she was good friend, who acted more like lover than friend, a very possessive lover to be precise, soon rumors started and his wife divorced him, walked away from him with their kids.


She became his solace, but he loved a cyber-friend. He begged her for help, she asked him to introduce her.

Ah! Internet is such a good weapon in hands of the shrewd. She picked up an ugly fight with his actual girlfriend using his phone, email id, which he had left with her when he went overseas for a few months!

So ugly that the girl erased him from life, in came her brother’s fiancé, duh! She has changed her number, email when he was overseas, next came her marriage invitation.


He married the serpent, years later the truth came out but it was too late, she has already poisoned his world!




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