Saptshabdi yet another experiment

Recently I was reading somewhere how English has killed Indian literature, is slowly killing it. Now that really felt bad, because I am a big fan of Bengali literature (you don’t want to know how many times I have read bankim Chandra/saratchandra/saradindu’s all works) forget about the works I have read a couple of dozen times.


But when it comes to writing Bengali, my mother tongue I am absolutely lousy- I started officially studying Bengali in class IXth, and my answersheets were filled with red circles and in the end the teachers used to write in red ink, then circle around it to draw my attention to it “Guruchandali dosh amarjaniya”- that roughly translates to I mix up sadhubhasha and chalitbhasha 😉 two styles of writing/talking in short. Like gender confusion in hindi it is quite common in Bengali, in my case it was too much!


So when I started writing I simply went for English, because it comes to me more easily than Bengali or hindi writing I guess! Apart from that, if you want global readership (even national readership) English is the good choice.


I did tried to install abhro Bengali alphabets in my computer but failed, so I gave up trying it, writing in Bengali, that article was sad, really sad, so I will try to play with my own style, 7W adding Bengali and hindi poems with English poems in English alphabets sadly, I will try to get abhro installed … till then…




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