magic wardrobe 3

old house 21.3.14 11


The shopping was quick, there was not much to buy, she was a horrible cook and her cullinary skills were very limited, but it was heavy, really heavy.

She gestured to a ricksha, the puller eagerly pulled close.

“The old house on the top of that hill…Shantiniketan (abode of peace)… how much?” she asked.

The man’s face hung instantly, he muttered something under his breath, Tanya had a feeling that he was muttering the name of Lord Ram, that sounded bad….

“How much?” she asked again.

The man was already on his seat, “Won’t go there …” he said, the firm tone of his voice hinted that there were no chances of his changing mind.

“I will pay whatever you want…” her hand were about fall off her shoulders…

“What about a free lift?” a voice asked, right behind her shoulder and a hand grabbed one of the bags.

She turned and her eyes met the smiling eyes of the agent who brought her here. He was standing beside a small car.

“Did you rented it?” she asked.

“Yes, they are quite available in the town… After visiting your lawyer here, I realized I will have to do a lot of up and down from here to there because that guy will not enter your threshold, he says it is cursed… so I rented this car.” he answered.

The car was slowly snaking its way up the road, to her mansion, “Cursed…?” she asked with a little uneasiness.

“Oh you know small town people… or may be you dont, I was born and brought up in one, a single unmarried woman, beautiful …. your aunt was a beauty even when she was in her deathbed, shooing away all romantic advances… living a secluded life, totally secluded… people will make up ugliest stories.” he smiled, “BTW we have not been formally introduced, I am Ritwik Ghosh.”

“I am Tanya Chaturvedi. How come you know Hindi so well?” she asked.

“I was born and brought up in Delhi, then I shifed to Kolkata for job.” he said.

“Your driveway needs real work…” he said, avoiding yet another bush that has made its home in the middle of the road, “We would have been walking, dragging those grocery bags if this car was not this small in size.”

She could see that too.

The rest is here:


4 thoughts on “magic wardrobe 3

  1. Hi Sharmishtha
    Thank you for the invite.
    Magic wardrobe looks enticing. i think Tanya is in for a lot of trouble!
    Take care

    • i am still playing with the idea whether i will take her to some journey to narnia without white witch or somewhere scary…. 🙂

      I have invited only trustworthy friends here because I will be doing some serious writings here, things I may send to publishers if my friends approve… and with trustworthy friends i wont be afraid of being robbed of my works-that does hurt…

      I was rewriting my story with a friend of mine, we were exchanging the chapters in facebook, then my account got hacked and all of a sudden some writers there and here in wp started to mock my very personal exchanges with that friends- from that chapter.

      Can you guess the limit of infiltration in my life by those pathetic bottom-feeders/ghouls?

  2. And… I read your story. I imagine it IS your story. Quite a heavy burden. Why are people so mean?
    Should I understand that you hardly go out? (Or am I too far out on the limb?)
    Be good
    (On my way to your second invite!)

    • now you know that why i cant go out and look for a job even though that is the only dream i had ever since i was a child- to have a career of my own, everywhere i have been after my return from that hell i have been stalked by hookers and pimps and criminals, finally i started to have the feeling that i am pushing my luck too much and tried for some homebased jobs, there too they intervened, they have never lost sight of me, so they will intervene every good thing in my life.

      I almost never venture out of home, they dont scare me any more but I hate kolkata roads and one thing is for sure, I wont go to the places i used to visit before they showed up- deserted places i mean, so… why not enjoy home life, right?

      after all i have television that will show me exactly what i want
      i have music player to sing for me
      i have internet where i can find genuine, caring friends.

      kolkata roads are only pollution and grime and ofcourse people lots and lots of them… yuck yuck and yucko

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