Magic Wardrobe 6

old house 21.3.14 11


She woke up in a room, from the decor of the room she could guess it was at-least a century old. She discovered herself lying on a bed, a work of art to be precise, made of best quality wood, there were four poles on four corners to hold the mosquito net, which was hanging all around her, like a fine veil. The corner poles were four fairies, carved like wrapped around a tree, she got up, the bed was too soft, the cover was a masterpiece, a fantastic example of stitching craft.

Her eyes fell on the mirror on the foot end of the bed. It was not her… it was a younger, very pretty… actually gorgeous creature, staring back at her.

She rubbed her eyes and felt she was sleeping.

A ruckus woke her up… two crows were fighting on the wall outside her window.

She rubbed her eyes… it was a nice dream she thought… silly birds.

She yawned and stretched, after brushing her teeth she came out, Ritwik was still sleeping.

She prepared her cup of tea and sat down on a swing, facing the eastern sky.

The morning was divine.

A soft breeze was blowing, touching her cheeks, as if caressing them. The sun was yet to show up. The birds were having the time of their life, chattering their heads off.

“Drinking alone…” Ritwik startled her with a big grin.

She laughed after the initial shock was over, “Have a seat sire, I will prepare yours.”

“It’s ok…” he laughed, sitting down on the swing beside hers, “I will do it….”

“Please… allow me…” she left before he could protest.

The sun showed up in full glory.

“I will miss this place…” she softly whispered.

“You can stay here… the property value is good, it may be enough for your up-keep but you may get lonely and the villagers did not seem very kind towards the occupants of this house…” Ritwik laughed. “Then you can buy a car and go to the town for fun… I will have to run to the town and collect available papers from the government offices… a tedious job. By the end of this week I will be able to tell you how much you have inherited.”

She smiled…. toying with the idea.

She has always loved dogs, maybe she will buy a pack of them after putting a fence outside the garden to keep the wolves at bay, may be she can build a small wall… if it doesnot kills the view… the huge garden was enough to keep half a dozen dogs happy…

“I will have to leave for the town by eight, it will take me an hour to get there… want to come along?” he asked.

“No way….” she laughed.

“You will manage to stay here alone?” he asked.

“Yeah… As I am not going to have a maid I will spend the time decorating this floor and check out the rest of the house bit by bit.” she smiled. “Dont fret, no one will come to bother me, I will close the door after you leave and go out in the garden before you come back… I will be content with this garden…” she threw her arm gesturing at the garden surrounding them with a sweet, mischievous smile on her lovely face.

“Brave girl…” Ritwik bowed with a big grin.

He left after breakfast.

She checked the doors of the ground-floor, her aunt was smart, no one could get in without the consent of those inside. In this case only her.

The windows were huge but grilled like jail windows… she grinned wide when she looked at the grills.

Boy she knew how to live alone….

She looked up at the painting of her aunt, she was really beautiful. She was looking down at her from the photograph hanging above the fireplace. She had very beautiful and lively eyes.


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