magic wardrobe 2

old house 21.3.14 11


She made her way through the stone paved road, covered with weed that sometimes grew up to her knees with caution. She wondered if her aunt ever came out to the garden at all.

The house was old, a stone made house, an amazing building, two storeyed high, but she could see some rooms in the roof too.

She climbed the front porch, it was quite clean, with a swing on one side and sitting arrangements on the other, a few chairs and a teatable. She could see that they were well-used, even though now they were covered in dust and leaves, and spiders with their extreme enthuciasm have made their small world on and around them,

She could see twigs scattered on the porch indicating birdnest and the chattering of a pair of squirrels informed her they were at home in the porch.Their happy colony told her she was most probably the first one to visit there after her aunt’s demise.

She selected the key for the main door and opened it. It opened with a loud protest.

She entered a huge hall, that had two staircases on both sides leading to the first floor, the room was quite dark, so she started opening the windows one by one to let in light.

The room was stunning.

It was a huge room with huge windows and multiple doors, she could see that her aunt has used a huge portion of the ground floor as this hall.

The house was surrounded by independent porches on every side, the hall had one room each on its either side, they too were quite large, one was a dining room, the other looked like a living room, there was a mattress on the floor, with few cushions, a huge collection of books and to her surprise a latest television, computer and music system. There was an enviable collection of music cds too.

It seemed her aunt was quite modern in her taste.

The dining room had a sitting arrangment for a whole party. May be she was quite the entertainer too. The central hall indicated that, it had four or five sofas scattered in it.

The whole ground floor showed the luxurious and tasteful lifestyle of its previous owner.

She started climbing the righthand stair, it was carpetted and wide, on the top there was a huge grandfather clock, stilll ticking and telling the exact time. there were two corridors on the top of each stair, she picked the one beside her, this floor it seemed comprised of bedrooms, she opened a few and could see that they all were small sets, a bedroom, a small balcony, toilet and a small boudoir. She was quite surprised.

Did she ran a hotel… may be she did. The village was really picturesque, she could easily offer people some respite from city life.

The corridor ended in a room, a glass room, the windows started from the height of two feet or so and went almost to the ceiling, half of the ceiling was made of glass, and all she could see was greenery all around her.

Tall, old trees with sturdy body and healthy growth, some were almost touching the glasses, she must have been pruning them to the exact proportions to keep them looking wild yet tame at the same time.

The trees were filled with birds and small animals, she could see squirrels and monkeys.

She decided to stay for a while.

She went out and started to walk towards the village market, to buy essential things. The kitchen was quite modern and well equipped, all she needed was the grocery and vegetables.


2 thoughts on “magic wardrobe 2

    • I never portray any of my characters as myself, or someone i will love to be or want to be (even though the lives of too many of them are strongly resembling to my own life) but my houses are mostly my dream houses 🙂

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