magic wardrobe 8

It seemed her aunt maintained a perfect balance between old and new world. She was sifting through her books when a car horn snapped her back to real world.

She quickly went out in the terrace for a peek, it was Ritwik and two men were standing behind him.

“You are early!” she was surprised and quite pleased.

“Yeah… brought them along to fix the electricity here.” he said. “Told them to fix only the terrace connections and fix the rest of the house but seal the rest, because we wont be needing them right now, and you dont want a whopping electricity bill. They will do the work in a manner that all the lights in terrace work, the stairs and this hallway works… that is it. Dont’t worry for the bill, you are a rich woman, I checked your account, I will lend you the money for the time being, within a week or fortnight I will get my money back unless ofcourse you cheat this poor fellow!”

She brought the food downstairs and they all had the lunch, the electricians tried to convince her that they will eat in the village but finally gave in.

They finished the work before nightfall but Ritwik requested them to stay overnight to check out if it was working properly.

A first floor bedroom was opened for them to stay.

The night went without a hitch.

When Ritwik went downstairs in the morning the men were gone, the front door was wide open, nothing was missing only the men were gone… they left in a real hurry, without collecting their money.

“Something must have spooked them…” Tanya said.

“Will ask them when I go to the town to pay them their charges.” Ritwik shrugged, “Might have been the desolation and the wolves… they were howling too much last night… they kept me up for a while too.”

“I slept like dead…” Tanya was surprised. The last thing she remembered about last night was going to bed and falling asleep within a few minutes… she woke up in the morning when the birds started to have their breakfast party.

“The connections are working fine, you can check out the rest during the day time… the fridge in kitchen and my room are working, so is the television in the living room and all other appliances… that will be a relief for you, atleast you will be able to listen to the songs or watch television… if there is any channel available, or if you have something in your laptop … you can connect it to the tv then…” Ritwik said, “I will be leaving now, today, I wont be returning before evening… I promise, enjoy your palace.”

She stood on the porch watching the car disappear and entered the hallway after bolting the front door, to play safe and checked the rest before going upstairs.

She entered the room where the electricians were staying in the night, the bed was unmade, they just got up and left it seemed.

She cleaned up the room and went upstairs.

The men knew their work… atleast that is how it felt for the timebeing.

She cleaned up the fridge and stocked it up with the necessary things. Both the refrigerators in her and Ritwik’s rooms were working too.

She hoped that he will bring some bottles of softdrink on his way home.

After cooking the lunch cum dinner she settled down in the living room. It was this rooms’s turn today.

She started cleaning and arranging the books and CDs, there were so many of them….

Ritwik returned right before dusk.

“What happened to those men last night?” she asked, no longer able to resist her curiosity. They were sitting on the swings, with two tall glasses of fruit juice.

“They said the house was haunted…” Ritwik said.

“What?” she asked incredulously.

“Yeah… late at night someone knocked their door, they thought that it was one of us and opened the door, there was a young girl standing there, very beautiful they said… but she vanished right in front of their eyes…” Ritwik said.


2 thoughts on “magic wardrobe 8

    • Thanks Sam, next one… 🙂 well somewhere around 2017… honestly all I am doing these days is blowing my own trumpet to make my books visible 😉 I have almost half a dozen incomplete long stories but my mind is so restless that I can only concentrate on short things- like micro stories and small poems 😦

      You too take care of yourself and have a wonderful time.

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