Magic Wardrobe 7

It seemed as if she was actually looking down at her from up there. But there was nothing creepy in that, just the eyes of a person who most probably possessed a lovely soul.

She went upstairs after checking the lowerr floors that they were safe from intruders.

She started to spruce up her room, she opened the wardrobe to put her clothes.

Where were her bags!!! She vividly remembered dumping them on the opposite side of the bed, so that she wont stumble on them in case the lantern expires in the middle of the night…

There was no electricity in the house and that might become a problem unless…

But where were the bags…

She started to look for them then something made her peep under the bed, they were neatly placed there side by side.

Must have been Ritwik.

She opened the bags and placed the stuffs where they belonged.

The wardrobe was huge, it was made for dressing up… she could see a dressing table, a nice mirrored portion to see as you are putting up dress and makeup… wow… moviestars will love to have this wardrobe! or simply copy it because it was in-built, it seemed her aunt has transformed a whole room and then cleverly disguised it as a wardrobe.

She sat down on the stool and looked around her.

A young, girl… cute and shy ….

she remembered the dream she had last night… Ah! If only she was that beautiful. She smiled and got up.

There was much to do.

She went out after finishing her room to the kitchen cum dining and spruced it up, prepared lunch cum dinner. There was a fridge but it was useless, it was very nicely cleaned up… she wondered if they managed electricity will it work?

After finishint these two rooms she decided to take a peek in the living room, even though it was already almost noon, that meant she will have to wait till tomorrow to clean it up still…

She entered the room.

It was stacked with books, cassettes and music CDs, she could see a casette recorder and a CD player. The book collection was delicious!


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