Thursday rockers 27.11.14

From a country where people who love same gender people are forced to marry a person of opposite gender I salute the courage of Tim Cook who openly admitted that he is gay. I remeber the wrath Navratilova (my all time fav tennis player) faced when she disclosed that she was gay. It takes a lot of courage to openly tell the world that you do/are something which they dont really appreciate!


thursday rockers 6.10.14


2 thoughts on “Thursday rockers 27.11.14

    • I still remember the ruckus Navratilova faced when she declared that she is lesbian. A dozen of my friends instantly became haters! I too have my “hatelist” but they mostly are destructive to good things.

      It takes a lot of courage to build a path like that for sure, and yes, it is their struggle on which others breathe easier. Human society is sometimes really stupid!

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