Thursday Introspections 10.7.14

Ever since my childhood I have always felt the pain of others intensely, the reason why I dont watch news or reality based sad movies/prgrams because it makes me absolutely morbid for quite some time… I remember when I first watched Schindler’s list… I was a very cheerful soul back then, used to laugh all the time, without reason mostly, but after watching that movie I could not muster up a single smile for a day.

I know in today’s world, after seeing the people who have shamelessly, relentlessly harassed me for decades (Without any reason known to me) I will have to admit one thing that majority of people have their own well-being, happiness, greed on top of their list and the place of others is a few step lower than that but I am a bit opposite to them, I can handle my own pain with a greater nonchalance than the pain of others.

i was quite relieved to know that there are lot of people like me out in the world, I just happened to be born among the wrong type of people, these people, that is we are called empaths. People often think us as psychos or sociopaths or sad morbid fellows walking around with a hanging face which we are not. Our only fault is we feel sad, very sad when we see others suffering.

So… next time you read me talking about pain please dont mistake it as self-pity… for God and our friendship’s sake 🙂



2 thoughts on “Thursday Introspections 10.7.14

  1. I feel the same as you do my dear friend. If one does not feel the pain of others one is not a good human being and also with time I have realized people do place their own priorities on top. These things upset us and make us sad but what makes me happy is to keep on my selfless approach to people and some goodness will be evoked out of them, although it takes time. Thank you for the lovely post and thanks for the invitation my dear friend.

    • not all people understand the language of love and help.. fortunately quite a big percentage does. All you have to do is practice selfless help and compassion, and when it comes to picking up intimate friends or relations select with care- that is what i think normal people do.

      My case is a little different from normal people, my life has been stuffed with poisonous creatures who enjoy unleashing hell on innocents, so trying to evoke goodness in them is quite an impossible task for normal people, May be God can do it, but I am not God… so I just keep them off my porch 🙂

      Have given them chance for years- even though they have failed me again and again… and ever since they are off my porch my life is absolute heaven on earth 🙂

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