Thursday Introspections 12.6.14

When journalists betray their profession for money it gives me a chill down my spine, they are supposed to be the one opening the eyes of blind, ignorant commoners, but in place of that when they start helping mass murderers and butchers to glorify themselves, to convince the commoners how popular that mass-murderer is and how powerful he is I start to feel really uneasy.

These people, if they live under the control of that mass-murderer they can whine that they too want to live, to bring daily bread to their homes, but if they dont live under the power of that murderer yet they sing his praises and try to help him hide his blood-bathed body and mind then all I can see is a bunch of necrophiles or ghouls dancing around devil, singing his glory.

I hope that the common public of west bengal wont let media make a fool of them and allow riotists in control of their state, we have just endured a dark-age under vultures, it feels good to be alive again, even though they have totally destroyed the state new seedlings are showing up, if we let them live they will grow up in trees but if we let rioters control their fate everything will reduce to ashes.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed for next two years and see.



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