Thursday Introspections 5.6.14

I have always been the annoying one in the room who asked “why” one too many times. When I studied in school I had to understand the “why” and “wherefore” of all the topics I read, at-least to the level I could decipher myself, because, teachers dont like to be questioned these questions, and my parents from childhood (Very early) have taught us to look for our own answers so my childhood was quite engrossed in dictionary and encyclopaedia, I am quite at home with the first one, the second one was ruined by negligence in our ancestral home.

The only two things that has taught me not to ask “why” is human beings and life. These two one living and the other automatic does not bothers about why. Life is the boss it does whatever fits is whims, human being on the other hand is the complex one, it does things for multiple reasons- money, emotions, passion… and some more are the stimulants behind its actions. So I dont waste thinking “why” did s/he do it, say it, does it… I only spend my energy on “it’s consequences”.

These days, the strain that intrigues me most about human beings is how much they are ready to do for money and how they are forcing everyone to believe that there is no good in this world, there never was. I can quite clearly understand their mindset, they have done every thing not humanly possible to reach the throne on which they are sitting on, but in the night when they are alone their conscience sometimes bugs them, so they try to silence it by pulling down everyone good around them, if they cant corrupt him they slander him, slowly the ripple spreads, once they are done with the live ones they go for the deads… and then when the living ones are done with they go for the fictious one.

Their heart so dipped in darkness fails to understand that it is their blindness that is stopping them from seeing the light, the light is all around them, everywhere, and they cant paint it black, all they do is look insane or maybe spiteful when they go overboard.

But it is also true, that with their multitude they do often make a huge roar, resonating all over the world, claiming that everyone is bad, every soul has a wicked side… if only they were true!



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