Thursday introspections 29.5.14

If we look back, in the pages of history, in the stories left by the people in past and read the ones that are from present we will observe how little society has changed in its core- that is human nature in general.

trait no. 1, every society sees a dictator in its darkest phase, a dictator who sings of freedom and then brings down a doom, with the help of the masses on them only. Still, centuries after centuries these dictators sell sweetest dreams and reap the benefits.

trait no. 2, women are treated mostly as womb, nanny and entertainer. Some societies treat them a bit kindly, that is all. Somehow women too believe the same.

trait no. 3, human beings are never satisfied with what is on their plate, they almost always want to grab from the plates of others- that can be on individual, social or national level. They will always find out excuses for that. In the early ages it was more honest- I want more, these days they pretend that they are doing that for the betterment of the victims, but at the end, the result is same, devouring what is not one’s own.

trait no. 4, lack of adjustment with difference, why on earth human beings are the only creatures that discover so many reasons to become hostile? they hate on basis of gender, race, caste, colour, sexual preferences… phew! Do they ever look around and see how every other animal of this planet co-exists?



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