Thursday Introspections 22.5.14

Recent incident of Boko haram kidnapping 300 girls and boasting that he has sold off more in past is quite a brush on a raw wound to too many women.

It is time for women world over to rattle the psycho cage in which the brains of these men dwells and let them know that they dont own women.

Women of majority of countries are brought up to be timid, submissive, easy to be controlled- why? Come on! We both know the answer. Most of these countries have legal system to help the men, not women, so they dont have much say, unless their governments change their ways, may be, globally some things can be done, like boycotting those countries in economic level which treat their women as second class citizens.

Fortunately in India law atleast supports women, so if women unite they can change things a lot, the urban woman is partially free from atrocities but the women in villages are still not free. So it is the collective responsibility of educated women, liberated ones I mean to help those who believe that living in a cage is best for them.

Every wave starts with a ripple, but you have to make the first move. There are women and organizations doing little projects but the awareness should come from higher levels, maybe, when they train young mothers the tricks of staying healthy during pregnancy and post natal care, they can train them how to become human beings and bring up their daughters like human beings.

To teach them early that they are not “womb” and “nanny” of the human race, they have equal rights to live, like men. They have the same rights on dignified and free life as their brothers, and then teach their brothers to respect every woman. After all, they say that a man treats women in general in the same way he treats his own mother and sisters.



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