Thursday Introspections 15.5.14

Human beings are truly the most unique species of earth, they are so different from other species, from both sides- good and bad. Those who love to study human nature will never stop getting tickled by it.

We are the only creatures in the world that is forced to be something s/he is not.

We are born without a mask, then surroundings force us to wear one after the other, till we forget we are wearing one. I have never been good at wearing them, that is why my life took a really positive turn after I limited my communication with “everyone”, I actually control my communication totally these days, almost totally.

Those who think that they dont wear one, should remember one thing, masks are not bad, they are good to. So, if you think you dont wear one, tell me-

When have you last cried out openly, in a crowd just because you were miserable or too happy?
When have you punched the person who caused you pain or reacted in proportion to the pain caused openly?
When have you told a really painful truth on someone’s face last?
When have you expressed your darkest secret without hesitation?

We cant… by the time we are fifteen or sixteen we are totally trained for mask ceremonies. Life will be much better if people be themselves upto a good limit, if not totally.

One will wonder though why do we require them, there are other animals too, who live a group life, they dont need masks.



2 thoughts on “Thursday Introspections 15.5.14

  1. I too wear a mask. There are things I won’t share openly, not because they are immoral, but because they are private. I never discuss those in polite company, and rarely among friends, much less acquaintances.

    • I too have to wear a mask, courtsey my family, I cant tell everyone about them so I just have to lie, I personally believe it is a mask, but a mask I cant get rid of, now, being born in a family like mine is an extraordinary case, but it has taught me one thing- there are different types of masks, some just force themselves upon you 😦

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