Thursday Introspections 8.5.14

Was human society always a hypocrite or it has become a bit too much more lately?

When Mr. X does something heinous, for example Mr. X is a pedophile, everyone wants him dead. But the same people gush over Michael Jackson, someone the FBI claims to have recorded proofs of being one. Now, with a little faith on FBI I can assume that they certainly have the proof, so, how come our “conscience mirror” media keeps broadcasting his shows, and cover his biographies, on the other hand raise storms in teacups to spill hatred against Mr. X. Now, I dont know how big a fan of MJ these media persons were/are but I wonder if they were half as much as I was, before FBI started to claim that they have recorded proofs. Before that I had been giving him benefit of doubt. But somehow I dont think FBI will have the guts of producing fake videos as proof.. so there died my one time truly admired singer. There are certain things that I will never accept excuses for, abusing one child after the other is one of them.

It’s the same about the society too, when the miscreant is rich, famous or both we become blind and if he is poor our claws and fangs pop out. Whereas, if one is forgivable then that will be the poor one, not the person who had enough power and money to live a normal, healthy life.



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