Thursday Introspections 24.4.14

Have to watch the political propaganda in television, dont have much choice, my brother is absolutely hooked to it. Yesterday was watching a program on two probable candidates for prime-ministerial post, Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi.

It is quite interesting how courtsey to corruption all over the system Narendra Modi could simply wash away the innocent blood from his face and hands and was gutsy enough to compete for the most powerful position in a multi-cultural, mult-religious country. How his knaves kept chanting how “authoriative and capable” he is.

It is quite sad that after so many years we have two options- an immature young man and a butcher as our prime minister. I will certainly vote for the immature young man, because we all know that his very matured mom will make the decision makings for him. But the butcher? He or his likes should not be seen anywhere near the decision making scenarios for our country, that is proud of its multi-cultural, religious co-existence for centuries.

Two people out of five were talking reason, well, lately Indian government has been totally in a chaos, absolute chaos- all they have been sharing with us are indecision and corruption charges about themselves and the nation.

That will remind one of all those leaders that popped out of chaos, like one of them said, Hitler, I will add another one Bonaparte, none of them did any good their own country or world. Nor will Mr. Butcher. He is trying to fool the younger generation, because they were too young when he watched Gujrat burn and chanted “revenge” mantra. But we were not young, and a chief minister cant throw his hands and say I did not go out with a sword to kill people or burn them alive, just because somwhere, some ruffians or fanatics killed some sadhus.

That man, if he ever becomes prime minister of India will be a cursed day! Really cursed day!



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