Thursday Introspections 17.4.14

This is the first post, in the private blog. I will keep David’s suggestion in my mind while writing in these two blogs, this one and, to add different types of stuffs, thoughts, quotes, writings, stories, poems… may be some sketches too.

I have always been the blunt one, I am lucky that I dont talk much, never did, my family members often teased me as mute. So even though I believed in straight-forwardness I never expressed my opinion.

But, after mingling with some really poisonous people in real life, imported from hell I guess I received my first lesson about “not sharing your beliefs with everyone, not everyone can digest truth, or you should not go preaching sainthood to demons… etc etc.” Then came years of trolling on internet, that finally taught me to keep my fingers under control too. Trolls are usuaully very sensitive and spiteful, if you make them mad they can go to every limit, so keeping them out of your world is the best idea.

But, if you are living in a real world, truth walks along with you, you can close your eyes and pretend that it is not there but if you cant, it churns inside you. Screaming to be set free.

Thus these two blogs- Some serious writings- from heart and creative point.

Let the journey begin…



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