Thursday Scribbling 27.3.14

Sharmishtha Basu (author) writes

Hypocrit Indian men (not all), who all of a sudden have become spokespersons of Indian men think women are fool, so if they start praising women, who are easily available to them, without the wedlock as Goddesses or rebels, and the other women will start following them without applying their own brain, then they are the fools, not women.

Recently a movie released, the men were all praises for this movie, I thought that it might be interesting, something modern women can be happy to watch, say an Indian Monalisa smiles, then it turned out to be the fantasy of Indian men of present age, a woman does not gets married and starts having fling with every available man- oh Indian men! just snap out of your dumbness, you know, sad for you, but women have started thinking too.

Why don’t they understand that a smart woman wont get impressed…

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