Thursday Pedagogy 27.3.14

Colours and Words Waltz

Platonic friendship between men and women, that is, when both of them are romantically interested in the opposite sex, not same sex – I have never heard a man believe in it. But, women once in a while believe in its existence. If you notice women as a woman, especially yourself, you will know it is quite possible. If you notice men keenly, or are forced to notice them, you will notice that they are right, most of them really dont know the meaning of only friendship with the opposite gender, sooner or later, no matter how much their friend tries they mix it up. At least in India. The only safe bets are handful married men, with principles. They mostly keep the relationships platonic, at-least with most of their girlfriends.

Somehow men and women again and again prove that men are from Venus and women are from Moon. Sorry…

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