Friday Fury 21.3.14

The world just the way IT is to Sharmishtha Basu

snake 22.3.13

Confidently spread rumours
about their spiteful nature
which is not even close to truth
is the reason of their killing
without any regret.
If only we will rise above
“our interpretations”
and see how they mostly
mind their own business
and keep away from us
we may return their courtesy.

Snakes- they scare most of the people, I feel uneasy about them but if I discover one in my home I wont run to kill it. Fortunately after living in my ancestral home for years I know that most of the snakes in India are absolutely harmless, and I think it takes quite some bad luck to get bitten by one.

The toilet I used had two water containers we call them chaubachcha or hauz, they are made to keep water in them, for later usage. One of them had a hole, so for some bizarre reason that was filled…

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