Thursday Scribbling 20.3.14

Sharmishtha Basu (author) writes


Our behaviour in internet tells a lot about our inner self I believe. It is so easy to hide yourself, and even if you are caught, you can always deny your involvement.

So many types of people are seen on internet, they are quite intriguing to observe, if not fun.

Vulnerable ones, seeking love, friendship, recognition, compliments…they forget that these waters are shark infested.

The narcissists, who love it when others walk an extra mile to appreciate whatever they do, but dont do anything in return, just bask in the glory like kings and queens, if you dont salute them, they will demand (or beg) your tributes 🙂 – they miss the joy of building relationships, friendships.

Angry, frustrated type- they spill out in one word garbage all over the places- it can be slang or obscenities- watching their leftovers is a painful thing. They surround themselves with so much…

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