Thursday Pedagogy 13.3.14

Colours and Words Waltz

4 Thursday pedagogy 31.1.13 CAWW

Internet is truly a magicwand that is as utilized as abused.

the fruits:

1. internet has finally, beautifully brought the world together- you can connect with anyone anywhere in world, where internet is available. You can see them, talk with them, share data, information…name them you will most probably will be able to share them.

2. If you are introvert, who cares if in real life peopld fail to notice your qualities, mingle with people who are like you, will understand you, just be practical.

3. You have passion for a specific thing? how much knowledge do you think you can take? internet most probably have more than you can digest.

4. gone are those days when people had to fumble around in new places, countries… if you are a planner, then an absolutely strange place wont be strange for you. Believe me, it can be a blessing for frequent…

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