Thursday pages 13.3.14

Realm of Empress Musie

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Ahh, summer, how I wish you will come late, in mid april or later… like you are supposed to, but, a part of my heart knows, if i step out of this concrete paved oven named Kolkata to the places where people dont pave every possible thing with concrete or chop off every single tree, bush they can weather is still pleasant. May be the days are getting a wee bit warmer but nights and dawns must be quite enjoyable.

Only respite of bengalis, the regular dose of rain is mysteriously vanishing from west bengal, may be it is climate change, may be it is deforestation at idiocy level, whatever it is, a tiny voice, that is getting louder with time keeps telling me, a few hundred years later, most probably if human beings dont change their nature, or ocean doesnot devours it, west bengal wont be green any more…

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