Thursday Scribbling 27.2.14

Sharmishtha Basu (author) writes


Approval of others- How much we crave for it when we are growing up. We give so much importance to what others think about us that we forget to think about what we want for us, what we need for us.

My experience rich life has taught me a few precious things, one of them is fixation of evil type, if you rub an evil person in the wrong way, or an evil person gets fixated on you, you may move on, but believe me, if you turn back, most probably you will see his tail, with a little arrow at the end vanishing behind some bush, wall if he was too late to duck.

These people zero their cyclops eyes on every good thing you have, and then they try to kill those virtues one by one, if they cant, they try to corrupt your nature, by trying to…

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