Thursday Rockers 27.2.14

thursday rockers july 2013

Recently the women of a small village of West Bengal did what women all over India should do, when one of them heard the cries of a young girl she opened her window and saw a man attacking her, she instantly rushed to her aid, the *** threatened her to kill her too, that only enraged her further and soon the local women rushed to the spot and the man escaped. They later tricked him to return and handed him over to police.

Now, let us hope that the police will take proper actiona against this **** who has been already suspected of doing such crimes before. Kudos to those women!!!! Bravo!



10 thoughts on “Thursday Rockers 27.2.14

    • it takes a lot of courage for an indian woman to earn the spite of such creatures. they are really powerful and nasty. hope the police wont let him out after collecting the bribe.

  1. Absolute kudos. Men like him are despicable animals and the women’s courage in confronting him is more than impressive. Violence against women and the vulnerable is one of those crimes which makes you doubt human nature, but the action of the rescuer goes some way to restoring it

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