Thursday scribbling 13.2.2014

Sharmishtha Basu (author) writes


Love is beautiful in itself, a pure feeling, when you love someone you rise above petty things like your lover’s looks, nationality, religion or financial status.

I believe some things are essential for a beautiful relationship, they are mutual trust, respect and tolerance. We do have to toler our partner’s vices, annoying habits- if you think you can change them… well best of luck! but dont be upset if you miserably fail! So, if you look for lasting relationship look for the person you will be able to love ignoring all the things about that person you hate or dont love.

I was that love hungry soul who quite resembled Brandon Fraser in “bedazzled” only I was not that desperate after crossing my teens, by then I have become smart enough to hide that side in. But I always looked for “that person” till my life’s bizarre creatures made me…

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2 thoughts on “Thursday scribbling 13.2.2014

  1. this is beautiful! it makes me think of “love covers over a multitude of sins…”
    really sorry, but I don’t use my phone for facebook – I’m v old fashioned – my phone is a phone and my pc does the social network stuff. sorry!

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