Thursday Pedagogy 6.2.2014

Colours and Words Waltz

1 Thursday pedagogy

There are some little ethics we so easily forget, and that slip often results in bad relationships.

For example, say, your best friend is always criticizing herself, she does not says any ill of others, only herself, does that means that everyone else is angel without wings? No, that means she rather prefers looking at herself, and tries to change or just keep herself humble. If you start looking down upon at her, most probably you will lose the company of a very good person.

For example, someone is pointing out the vices of her country, culture, religion- that may not mean that she does not respects them, that may mean exactly the opposite- she loves them deeply that is why their deterioration hurts her, and in place of becoming a hypocrit she points them out, hoping to change the people of her country, culture, religion- better dont play with…

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