Thursday Pages 6.2.14

Realm of Empress Musie

chandramallika 0017

Rosy was speaking about weird dreams a few days ago, ha! it reminded me of two truly weird dreams I have had just a few days ago….

In the first one, I had a full grown royal bengal tiger as my pet, it roamed around the house without any restriction, an old man showed up in my dreams, and for some reasons known to my dream only he thought that it was a cat, he was holding a buttered bread in his hand, it fell down, he picked it up and gave it to the tiger, the tiger ate it. 🙂

now number two, in this one, I had a pet snake, I was standing in front of it, all of a sudden it bared all its fang I thought it was about to bite me but it flew past me (honestly, it shot like an arrow) and caught a…

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