Thursday Pedagogy 30.01.2014

Colours and Words Waltz

Thursday Thoughts 6.2.2014

You will hear about them, from all my blogs most probably, we all are internet addicted, so, those of you want to know in details can google the “Tradition” of butchering bottlenose dolphins by fishermen of Japan, after “herding” them from ocean to butcher.

Dolphins, those who dont know (I truly wonder how many of you dont know) are one of those rarest animals that are friendly to human beings, even though they are absolutely wild.

There have been too many incidents when a dolphin has saved a drowning person or sometimes have warded off sharks from attacking human beings.

Let’s show our open disgust to those who kill these amazing, intelligent, caring creatures giving any excuse at all! We dont care about excuses, because those who wiped out most of the animal species had some sob story, excuse under their tongue too, rolling like a pill that numbed their…

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