Thursday Scribbling 30.1.14

Sharmishtha Basu (author) writes

I love to spend some time with the plants I have bought, just being around them I mean, I am not a good gardener, just try to keep them alive.

Most of the days when I sit there and do nothing with the plants a butterfly shows up, or may be one butterfly shows up, they are all white. so its hard to differentiate.

It comes, spends a minute or two dancing on the trees, the thing that mystifies me is its prime target is a pot which has some wild plants, which mostly popped up in kitchen, from leftover vegetables, it spends most of the time on that pot, I have sometimes seen it sitting on one of the leaves, but it ignores rest of the pots, some of which have flowers, why?

Another interesting point is, once these flowers dry up I scatter their seeds in the pots…

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