Thursday Scribbling 23.1.14

Sharmishtha Basu (author) writes


Life is such a maze of weird situations, questions, is not it?

It’s so easy to hate those who kill innocent people because of reckless driving. But what if… what if that person cursed himself for that one minute of recklessness for the rest of his life?

What if, he drank too much to forget a deep pain, what if he dozed off for a second because he has been pushing himself too hard for studies, career…. what if …

Will it repair the damage he has done to that victim’s family members, loved ones? Will they ever be able to forgive him?

If he shows up at their door, seeking forgiveness from heart and one of them end up killing him, the one who might have been too fond of the deceased, will anyone be help to hate this murderer?

Sometimes we do mistakes, and we should repent them…

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