Thursday pedagogy 16.1.14

Colours and Words Waltz

1 Thursday pedagogy

It takes a lot of courage to an Indian girl to go after the rapists who have brazenly videotaped the action. Recently a scribe in Mumbai did that, and a girl from Bengal.

My plea to those live around her is to respect her courage and be with her. Make her life an easier place. Mostly its society that forces these girls to go through hell, they are constantly reminded about that one mistake they committed- getting overzealous with work, riding a bus at a wrong hour, trusting a friend, neighbour or relative… try to treat your women right. Rape is nothing surprising, surprising is neighbours harassing the rape victims or taunting them.

I will say bravo to the girl and hope that her neighbours act like people of 21st century.

Dont make lives of innocents unbearable.

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