thursday pedagogy 19.12.13

Colours and Words Waltz

Most of the eastern cultures do try to deny reality, like parents can be wrong, religions can be wrong etc. But Courts and law should try to be more realistic, they should think rationally before passing, rejecting a petition, law, that is what I think because I am bit disobedient when it comes to blind suppport. I dont blindly support God, even though God is greatest well wisher of human beings but God quite often lets bad things happen to best people, innocent people, good people. So forget about man made and society made laws.

Recently Indian Courts took a leap backwards by making same sex love illegal, now this is I think really weird, queer, bizarre 🙂 not same sex relationship.

If they say society does not accepts it, it did not- in the past, but now it does. Well, there was a time when society did not accepted…

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