Thursday Thoughts 19.12.13


Solar storms happen, quite often as we can guess, the question is how dangerous it is for us, the earthlings. As long as we are protected by earth’s atmosphere and magnetosphere we are safe, but astronauts travelling in space in future can be quite vulnerable to these coronal mass ejections, that is huge bubbles of gas and magnetic fields ejected from sun, that carries highly charged particles that can cause radiation poisoning to unprotected living beings (in case they happen to be outside earth’s atmosphere). Chances of that are yet slim…

But these storms can harm our technologies, when these CMEs strike earth they form a geomagnetic storm, disrupting the earth’s magnetic fields for a while, that may result in seriously damaging satellites or telecommunication, power services, in 1989 a storm caused a nine hour power cut in Quebec. Till date, the biggest one was recorded in 1859, it’s called…

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