Thursday paints 19.12.13

Poems, stories, paintings and more by Sharmishtha Basu

chirpy 71213

Well, at present I have a squirrel in a cage and a very adamant cat outside it, giving me company when I roast myself in sunlight.

A few days ago I heard a scuffle outside, something was screaming at it did not sounded like a rat, I went out to enquire and noticed a cat, that cat is quite familliar, when i first shifted to this house a magpie robin used to eat biscuit crumbs outside my kitchen window, those of you who know these birds know that they are not very scared of human beings and often enjoy these leftovers. This male bird used to draw my attention to get crumbs, till this fellow showed up to eat him. Lucky bird! He stopped visiting me though…

I went out to check if the cat was killing a mouse, it was none of my business, then i noticed it was…

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