Thursday Thoughts 12.12.13


In every eleven or twelve years the sun changes its poles- the south becomes north and north becomes south. When I first read it I was baffled, just could not imagine how it could be possible. Well, in the deep within the poles become slowly neutral, that is, zero, and then the pole building is done, only in the opposite value- North=south.

As we can all guess, sun becomes extremely busy during these three or four months- that is how long it takes sun to flip the poles, whereas earth takes millions of years to do that.

That hyperactivity results in delight of skywatchers- abundant of solar flares and very colourful polar lights, that is, aurora. I want to see this dance of light once 

There is no reason to be scared though, in case you are, it’s safe for human beings and other live creatures in earth, unless…

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