the thursday post critiques 7.11.13

Ethereal Paints

“Leave them son, don’t waste time on them….” Xuana placed his hand on his son’s shoulder.

“A little while more daddy….” he looked up at him, his tentacles resting on the panel that changed the visuals of blue planet, that’s what the spectators called it.

they initially enjoyed it, when Xuana was a little boy, he helped those curious monkeys by throwing things and suggestions at them, fire, tools… they loved them, and called them Gods.

now, spectators had a policy, strict one, watch without interfering even the minutest bit but they sometimes did, out of mercy or anger.

but after watching the only species they tampered with, the way it is heading to destroy the blue planet they have decided to absolutely stop interfering, actually most of them have moved on to other planets, only Xuana’s son just cant let it go…

“You are heading for heart break son.”…

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