POEMS: Mind, Eyelids of Betrayal, Literate & Bird Talk

Yas Niger


That farm only I can harvest
Of the yield I sowed as best.


Cooing as the pleasant Dove
Pairing the fairest in love,
Airing their bond skies above.

Tasty meals will gather a hunt.
What dies before dishes are burnt?
Nobody is killed, to put it blunt.

Blinking away our sorrow,
Straying wide from the narrow;
Innocence we see is shallow.

From what is pride really safe?
Or faith, trust, love yet late?
Kith, kin, sex, race or mate?

The faith a fist, given as must
And pain it opens and thrust;
Winks in its act of lethal trust.


I aspire to be a name
Certainly not a face.
I pray that my fame
Brings me real grace.

To all alive I owe;
Those dead I may too.
For the unborn I’ve a hoe,
It is for me that I sow.


Flew your…

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3 thoughts on “POEMS: Mind, Eyelids of Betrayal, Literate & Bird Talk

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