amazing blog Johnlmalone

Dear John,

I don’t remember how our friendship started but I am glad, really glad that it did.

Your sense of humour is terrific. On one hand it brings out a chuckle or two and on the other hand it makes one see life from another angle.

Your way of writing is wisdom wrapped in a chuckle to me.

You have a very kind, generous heart that makes everyone around you feel good about themselves.

Reading your blog is source of one of the greatest enjoyment to me.

Note: If you think it’s worth it please accept this humble gift and you are free to share it with your friends.


One thought on “amazing blog Johnlmalone

  1. what a wonderful wonderful gift; you have taken me completely by surprise. It’s the best thing that’s happened to me this week. thank you so very much. I am glad I bring joy . I enjoy writing so much. I hope others read this and check out my blog 🙂

    Also I am not sure how our friendship started but I’m sure glad that it did.

    I wil;l ckeck out your other posts shortly

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