waterflow for may challenge

Ice melts to molten crystal,
life gets its liberation
and tumbles down in waterfall,
pursuing its destination.

the crystal river dances, flows
for inner grace its body glows
it’s touch is life’s loving touch,
it brings forth life by touch.

Sharmishtha basu

Form Rispetto ~ A Rispetto an Italian form which is a complete poem of two rhyming quatrains abab ccdd. Syllable count is 8 per line

May Challenge by Golden Hair Bear:
May 12th: The flush toilet is patented. Write about water flow. (1792)

11 thoughts on “waterflow for may challenge

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    • thanks a lot Pat. I mean it. I wrote all haikus for SIS and Jane’s challenges in single days.

      In this case i dont try more than two per day.

      lots of love.

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