advice for may challenge

Advice and lectures bore me,
Your eyes grim and stern scald me,
It feels as if they can gore me,
Your tongue nonstop whiplashes me.

Oh can’t you see the hurt you cause!
Oh that tongue lash without pause!
Please spare me of your sage words.
I can’t take more goring of swords.
Sharmishtha basu

Form Rispetto ~ A Rispetto an Italian form which is a complete poem of two rhyming quatrains abab ccdd. Syllable count is 8 per line

May Challenge by Golden Hair Bear:
May 2nd: Good Housekeeping Magazine first hits the newsstands. Write a poem about advice. (1885)

10 thoughts on “advice for may challenge

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  3. I’ve never heard of a rispetto. Yet another poetry form which with I’m unfamiliar! There are SO many! I know how you feel about advice. I felt that way when I was younger. Now I find myself on the other end and then hating myself for it!

  4. Think I will print this on little cards and pass out people who always want to “fix” whatever I want to share with them. Mostly we just need a sympathetic ear, almost never advice. How guilty I was for doing this in the past and how freeing not to do it any more. Well, mostly….
    I love your poetry! hugs, pat

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