Story teller award

story teller award

story teller award

Telling a story is not a child’s play. Specially when your medium is written words- you have to touch the emotions of others through them. In our small group of friends there are too many marvelous story tellers.

I love the way you all tell stories through your works. You all are marvelous story tellers, and there are others too. So in this case too, I am mentioning only a handful of names. Anyone/everyone can have it.

I created it so don’t worry about copyright etc. just have it, share it, display it or keep it- no rules for me or my friends.

14 thoughts on “Story teller award

    • dear shankha,
      due to some mysterious reasons i cant log in in my blogspot accounts, will be solving the problem very soon (hopefully) will check it out then.
      warmest affections,

  1. Awww thanks Trisha. I love telling stories but who knows if they can do it or not.

    Love from the Moon

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